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5.11 Tactical

  • Mp5 Bungee W/cover Double

    Mp5 Bungee W/cover Double

    Designed specifically for tactical and law enforcement agencies, the MP5 double Bungee Cover Pouch is engineered to provide reliable, consistent, and silent access to two standard 9mm magazines, and...

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  • Black

    Ak Bungee W/Cover Double

    Built to hold two 7.62 magazines, the AK Double Bungee Cover Pouch provides quick, silent, and dependable access in a broad range of climates and operational environments. Integrates fully with 5.11...

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  • 9365159-1587706321928.jpeg

    VTAC Padded 2 Point Sling

    The VTAC 2 Point Padded Sling is brought to you as a partnership between Special Operations Combat Veteran, Kyle Lamb and 5.11 Tactical Series. Kyle is one of the most credible and sough-after...

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  • Lv M4 Shorty

    The LV M4 Shorty is the ideal, low-vis solution for transporting up to a 29 rifle. With just the switch of a strap, you can wear it as backpack or a crossbody bag. This pack makes it easy to stay...

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  • Black

    Double Mag Med Kit

    Just the essentials. Ideal for carrying 12 blow-out kits and a pair of AR magazines, the UCR Thigh Rig features a drop-down zippered compartment with a light-colored interior, bungee tie-downs, and...

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  • Sandstone

    Shock Rifle Case

    Designed to protect your prized firearm without slowing you down, the 36 Shock Rifle Case provides professional protection in a highly mobile frame.

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  • Select Carry Pistol Pouch

    Select Carry Pistol Pouch

    The Select Carry Pistol Pouch is the perfect concealed carry pouch for both covert ops and off duty CCW wear. Rugged, durable, and reliable, this high performance concealed carry fanny pack...

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  • Sandstone Tac OD

    Pistol Bungee Cover

    Securely carry your spare magazines with the 5.11 Tactical Single Pistol Bungee Cover It offers full compatibility with both MOLLE-based web gear and our proprietary SlickStick System, allowing you...

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  • Tac OD Storm

    Double Pistol Bungee Cover

    Be sure to have extra ammunition when it counts with the 5.11 Tactical Double Pistol Bungee Cover Magazine Pouch. Built for durability and silent magazine exchange, the double pistol magazine pouch...

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  • 5.11 Mp5 Bungee W/cover Single

    5.11 Mp5 Bungee W/cover Single

    Engineered for tactical and law enforcement use, the MP5 Single Bungee Cover Pouch provides quick and secure access to any standard 9mm magazine, and Features complete compatibility with 5.11...

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