• Fusion T Baton

    Fusion T Baton

    Airweight and Steel Fusion T Batons combine a 40 cm Talon Baton with a Nexus Clip and Tactical USB high intensity rechargeable flashlight. A USB to micro USB retractable cord is included. Fusion T Batons are released with a manual press of the lens end...
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  • Agent Concealable Baton Agent Concealable Baton

    Agent Concealable Baton

    The Agent Baton incorporates a 4140 steel striking surface. The 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft and handle are forged to shape and then precision machined. The grip is fine line, Crosstec knurled with spiral micro grooves. Rings accept the included Nexus...
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  • Protector Concealable Baton Protector Concealable Baton

    Protector Concealable Baton

    Each expandable design provides easily concealed striking power. These are easy carry batons with the world class striking potential of an ASP impact weapon. Each is fabricated using ASP materials and ASP manufacturing techniques. They are finished using...
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  • Friction Loc Baton Friction Loc Baton

    Friction Loc Baton

    On the street, there can be no tolerance for second best. It is here that the nation's most respected and tactically advanced law enforcement agencies trust their safety to ASP Friction Loc Batons. An intermediate force system of uncompromising quality...
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  • Wrist Strap Cap (f Series)

    Wrist Strap Cap (f Series)

    Designed for mounted police units (for whom dropping a baton is more problematic), this accessory comprises a stainless-steel cap with a paracord lanyard. A push-button barrel lock adjusts the size of the loop. Installation takes seconds - simply remove...
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  • Leverage Cap (f Series)

    Leverage Cap (f Series)

    The ASP Leverage Cap improves both the retention and reach of the ASP Friction Loc Baton. It is the ideal cap for dynamic field operations. This improved design replaces the standard cap on all Friction Loc Batons. The reduced grip diameter of the...
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  • BreakAway Subcap (F Series)

    BreakAway Subcap (F Series)

    Most window entry tools are not readily available. They are in the patrol car or equipment case at the split second when they are needed. The ASP BreakAway subcap is designed to be interposed between the cap and handle of a Friction Loc Baton. It is...
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  • Nexus Subcap Baton Cap (f Series)

    Nexus Subcap Baton Cap (f Series)

    The Nexus subcap provides secure, lightweight clip-on retention of all ASP Friction Loc Batons. The design is compact and easily installed. Batons are conveniently carried and rapidly presented. The subcap allows additional ASP accessories to also be...
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