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Body Armor & Protection

  • Clear

    3100 Riot Shield

    The 3100 Torso Length Body Shield by Premier Crown is a rugged, lightweight and affordable option for protecting military and law enforcement personnel in situations where crowds might be tossing objects their way. Measuring 36 inches tall and 20 in...

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  • Dark Navy

    5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier Side Panels

    TacTec Plate Carrier Side Panels are rugged and durable pouches engineered to complement the TacTec Plate Carrier System by providing secure storage for protective ballistic plates, maximizing protection in hostile environments. Each pouch features...

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  • 9362658-1586917493018.jpeg

    5.11 Women's Hexgrid Outer Carrier

    The next evolution in load-bearing solutions for uniformed patrol officers. The Hexgrid Uniform Outer carrier provides a versatile, customizable platform for attaching MOLLE or web pouches, and supports a wide range of third party soft body armor panels.

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  • 5100 Riot Shield

    The Premier Crown torso length body shields are made of clear, high-strength polycarbonate which allows for undistorted visibility. They are lightweight and shatter-resistant. All models measure 36 high x 20 wide and weigh 5.7 lbs. Each model has a shock...

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  • Brown

    900LT Liquitac Riot Helmet

    The PREMIER Crown Model 900LT offers a liquid seal and a stable bracket face shield mounting system. It is engineered from the inside out for protection in the most abusive situations.

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  • 9365606-1589261084522.jpeg

    Adjustable Shoulder Pads

    For enhanced comfort while wearing plate carriers and chest rigs. Will adapt to any webbing shoulder strap up to 2 in width. Perfect upgrade for the USMC SPC or most plate carriers. These shoulder pads will add a thin soft gel-like padding to help manage...

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  • Kangaroo

    All Missions Plate Carrier

    Ready for any and all missions, the All Missions Plate Carrier comes equipped with a full range of components that enable you to tailor its configuration to suit your mission’s needs. Build the carrier out with a “Slick” low-vis and low-profile...

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