• Solid Fuel Tablets

    Solid Fuel Tablets

    The 5ive Star Gear Solid Fuel Tablets are for use with any compact emergency folding stove. They are eight large, easy-to-ignite, solid fuel tablets which burn with no odor. You get approximately 20-25 minutes cook time per tablet. Stock up with these...
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  • Sniper Operations Data Book

    Sniper Operations Data Book

    This spiral notebook is crammed with important information, charts, and formulas, including scope adjustments, windage and elevation. Designed for the law enforcement sniper, it will benefit any serious shooter who wishes to log their performance at...
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  • Survival Handkerchief

    Survival Handkerchief

    The 5ive Star Gear Survival Handkerchief/Bandana provides basic survival information including setting up a campsite, finding the North Star, some basic knots, hiking safety, first Aid, food safety, clothing and weather conditions, hydration and...
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  • Milspec Steel Cot

    Milspec Steel Cot

    The 5ive Star Gear Milspec Steel Folding Cot offers a sizable and elevated sleeping surface that can be packed away in the included nylon carry bag for easy hauling. It features a quality steel frame to support the weight of a full-sized adult, and...
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  • Thin Blue Line Thin Blue/Red Line

    Magnet - Thin Red Line American 3 x 5

    The Thin Red Line American Flag magnet is a powerful and lasting testament to our men and women in Red. To display this emblem in your home, office, or on your car, is to show your unwavering support for the men and women across the country that risk...
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  • Sportsman Survival Compass

    Sportsman Survival Compass

    The 5ive Star Gear Sportsman's Survival Compass is a nice portable outdoor navigation tool. It fits most watch bands for wear on the wrist, making it both convenient to read and difficult to lose in the woods. It can also be fitted to a paracord survival...
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  • Gi Sleeping Pad

    Gi Sleeping Pad

    This original GI Sleeping Pad is the same as the one used by the US military and made by a government contractor. Make your next camping trip more comfortable with this 3/8in thick polyurethane pad that measures 24in x 72in. Rolls up tightly with the...
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  • Gi Lensatic Compass

    Gi Lensatic Compass

    This Cammenga GI Lensatic Compass is for those who prefer a more cost-effective means of navigating terrain, in a phosphorescent lensatic compass option. This compass is essentially the same trustworthy model supplied to the U.S. Military. The only...
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  • Map Compass

    Map Compass

    This 5ive Star Gear Map Compass has guaranteed accuracy and field-proven quality, with its high-visibility, brightly colored dial and clear baseplate to help make map reading and course plotting easier. Features include large, easy-to-read numbers, inch...
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  • Folding Stove With Fuel

    Folding Stove With Fuel

    Stay prepared with the 5ive Star Gear Folding Stove w/ Fuel. This stove is ideal for emergency situations since it requires no liquids, no priming, no wick and no pressure. The light, compact design is easy to pack for your next trip, while the durable...
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  • Military Style Compass

    Military Style Compass

    Military Style Compass that comes with a metal case. HUMVEE has become the backbone of U.S. forces around the world. Our HUMVEE gear is modeled after equipment that is depended on in the rigors of battle. These products are designed to survive the most...
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  • P-51 Can Opener

    P-51 Can Opener

    The 5ive Star Gear Can Openers are an exact copy of the originals that were first developed in 1942. They are a small can opener that was issued in the canned field rations of the United States Armed Forces from World War II to the 1980s. Originally...
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  • Kevlar Trip Line

    Kevlar Trip Line

    This Kevlar Trip Line is a new generation trip line that is constructed of multi-filament silicon coated Kevlar, allowing great flexibility and ease of deployment while avoiding the hassles of metal trip wire and is compatible with most trip-activated...
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  • Emergency Blanket

    Emergency Blanket

    This 5ive Star Gear Emergency Blanket is an ultra-light, warm, full protection blanket for any survivalist or outdoorsman. It all starts with a material that reflects 90% of your body heat and also offers protection against wind, rain, or cold. If you're...
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  • Heart Thin Blue Line Sticker - 4 X 4.5 Inches

    Heart Thin Blue Line Sticker - 4 X 4.5 Inches

    Show your love for American law enforcement with the Heart Thin Blue Line Sticker. These stickers adhere strongly to your vehicle and endure through outdoor use. Display your pride for your loved ones in law enforcement, and give back to those that put...
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