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  • Manix 2 Lightweight Cpm Spy27

    Manix 2 Lightweight Cpm Spy27

    In close cooperation with Crucible Industries, Spyderco developed CPM SPY27, a particle metallurgy stainless steel containing a proprietary mix of alloys, including vanadium, molybdenum, niobium, nitrogen, and cobalt. This remarkable composition,...

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  • Swayback

    Inspired by 19th century English Jack knives, the sway back pattern is a stylish and extremely functional cutting tool. In his latest Spyderco collaboration, renowned Polish knifemaker Marcin Slysz supercharges this classic design by rendering it with...

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  • Meadowlark 2 - SPY-BY04PBK2

    Meadowlark 2 - SPY-BY04PBK2

    Its many upgrades include a full-flat-ground blade for enhanced edge geometry and cutting performance, a Bi-Directional Textured FRN handle that offers a superior grip and increased control, and phosphor bronze pivot washers for even smoother blade...

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  • Pochi

    Japanese knifemaker Kazuyuki Sakurai specializes in intricate, handcrafted folding knives, many of which are inspired by the shapes of animals. Some of his most popular designs are the dog-shaped knives in his ''Pochi'' (poh-chee) series, which draws its...

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  • Endura 4 - SPY-C10FPK390

    The stainless-steel-handled Endura 4 combines all the proven features and benefits of this iconic design with the heft and increased strength of a stainless handle. Its blade is hollow-ground from premium VG-10 stainless steel and proudly features...

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  • M40-15


    The late Kit Carson's memory is felt strongly throughout the industry - it shows in the absolute reverence the knife world has for his M16 and M21 designs. The M40 everyday carry folding knife is based on a legacy design. This version is reimagined with...

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  • Linchpin - CR-5406K

    Linchpin - CR-5406K

    Hot on the heels of the Seismic, Flavio Ikoma is at it again with a solid, no-nonsense everyday carry folding knife built on utility without compromising on aesthetics. The defining feature: Deadbolt. Put it to the big jobs - dig into a pork loin or...

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  • 06 Auto - GB-30-001297

    06 Auto - GB-30-001297

    The S30V steel blade offers superior edge retention and corrosion resistance with a fine edge that holds. This fully automatic knife is easy to grip and has a pommel designed as a strike point for emergency egress. The large lanyard hole allows for 550...

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  • Autonomy - SPY-C165GP2

    Autonomy - SPY-C165GP2

    The Autonomy 2 takes all the groundbreaking features of the original Autonomy automatic knife, which was developed to meet the demanding needs of U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmers, and incorporates them into a design optimized for utilitarian use. Its...

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  • Harrier 2 - SPY-BY01PS2

    Scaled to split the difference between the byrd Cara Cara 2 and Meadowlark 2, the Harrier 2 is, for many end users, the perfect sized cutting tool for everyday carry. The latest version of this popular design renders it in a classic all-stainless-steel...

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