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Forensics & Csi

  • 20mm Scale

    These small cales are ideal for one-to-one and macro photography. Although the scales come on a roll, each 20mm scale is a separate unit, making them easy to detach and use. The adhesive is non-permanent, so the scale may be applied to any surface,...

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  • 3m Poly Tape

    Poly Tape is designed to be an extremely pliable lifting tape for use with curved surfaces. Will stretch and conform for lifts on difficult surfaces such as light bulbs, doorknobs, and bowls. Can be pushed into the depressions of bumpy or textured...

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  • Basic Traffic Sketching Kit

    This basic kit provides all the components needed for traffic accident reconstruction. Easily stored in any vehicle, the kit is self-contained and protected in the included vinyl binder.

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  • Bio-foam Impression Kit

    Making footwear impressions with BIO-FOAM takes only seconds. The resulting impressions are three dimensional reproductions of the original footwear. Ideal for quickly recording impressions of the right and left shoe and storing them in a convenient...

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  • Bureau Scales

    Made to rigid FBI specifications, the Bureau scale set contains a 15cm x 30cm L-Shaped scale and a 15cm straight scale. The scale set provides maximum contrast by featuring black markings on a white background on one side and white markings on a black...

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  • Cardholder

    Our solid, uni-mold constructed fingerprint cardholders are made of a sturdy, high-grade plastic. Includes soft rubber feet for portable use. We also include screws for permanent mounting to a desk or counter top.

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  • Digit 10 Fingerprinting Unit

    The Digit 10 system is the cleanest fingerprinting method on the market. Our unique inkless formulation produces permanent black prints on any fingerprint card. Just 40 seconds after rolling, permanent black prints that meet all FBI requirements develop.

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  • Distance Measuring Wheel - Single Wheel

    Distance measuring wheels automatically record measurements line-to-line, wall-to-wall, vertically, overhead, around curves and over contours. Each has a push-button counter reset, a subtracting and adding counter, a telescoping handle (17– 37 inches)...

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  • Dual-swab Cotton Swabs W/ Wood Stems

    Puritan’s basic general-purpose cotton tipped swab is sterilized and individually wrapped in a sealed package to minimize contamination while in storage. These swabs are perfect for sample collection as crime scenes or medical examiner facilities. Each...

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