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    104 Shoulder Holster Magazine Tie-Down

    This handy tie down for your shoulder holster from Aker Leather prevents it from slapping against you while you're walking or running. The tie down is made for right handed or left handed use, and it is compatible with Aker 101 or 107 holsters.

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    105 Holster Tie-Down Shoulder Holster

    Make your shoulder holster as comfortable as possible by utilizing tie-downs to secure it to a duty belt. While this is an optional accessory, the Model 105 Tie-Down from Aker offers a vast improvement to the level of comfort and performance of an Aker...

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    133 White Lightning Revolver Holster

    The very comfortable and versatile White Lightning™ belt slide holster features an open muzzle for accommodating various barrel lengths of the same model revolver. Made from premium cowhide and featuring a metal stiffener and solid brass hardware on the...

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  • 157 Comfort Flex 2 Ankle Holster

    The Comfort-Flex PRO ankle holster provides un-paralleled comfort and security for 2nd Gun backup. Constructed of ventilated surgical grade elastic and top grain cowhide, the gun hugs the ankle closely for maximum concealment, with just enough give for...

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    167 Nightguard Holster

    The 167 Nightguard from Aker Leather was the first holster to offer a true concealment option for handguns with tactical lights. It is often the first choice for LE and Security professionals seeking a discrete carry method. It's built for comfort and...

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    1880's Holster Crossdraw

    Model 1880s is the holster for the single action shooter on the budget of the working cowboy. It is reminiscent of the rigs worn in American Westerns in the 1950's and 60's. The holster is high-ride and is now available for both a strong side draw and...

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    267 Nightguard Paddle Holster

    The Nightguard™ was the first holster to offer a true concealment option for weapons with tactical lights and is the first choice for many federal agencies and off duty officers.Constructed from premium cowhide, the Nightguard™ rides high and close to...

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  • 268 Flatside Paddle Xr17 Thumb Break Holster

    Our approach to this popular holster genre is extra comfortable because it's flat on one side!Using our special method, the FlatSider™ Paddle XR17 is molded in fine leather to fit one's handgun with 100% of the holster pocket formed away from the body...

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