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Other Blades & Accessories

  • 21in Cordura Cane/bush Machete Sheath

    These 5ive Star Gear Cordura Machete Sheaths are manufactured to fit any specific size machete you may need. They are made from genuine Cordura brand fabric that is tough, durable, and long lasting that includes heavy nylon reinforced seams with bartack...

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  • Acrylic Stand Ii

    The Acrylic Knife Stand with Boker logo keeps a pocket knive or a small fixed knive by magnet and a small holding nose reliably in a very nice showcase position. Caution: The usability is restricted if the blade is too heavy. Base plate 15 x 10 cm...

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  • Camp Axe

    Designed for hammering and chopping, this compact axe makes a great outdoor tool. Its light weight and small size makes it easy to transport and stow.

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  • Credit Card Knife

    The Boker Plus Credit Card Knife follows an unusual approach. With a length of 7.1 centimetres, a width of 3.5 centimetres and a thickness of just 3 millimetres, the closed knife disappears discreetly into your wallet, for example. Alternatively, this...

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  • Dog Tag Knife

    John Kubasek has now taken the Backup Knife topic one step further and presents the 24 gram light-weight Dog Tag Knife. Like its namesake, it is carried around the neck on a ball chain and boasts a thickness of less than 4 mm when retracted (measured...

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  • Stainless Steel

    DoohicKey ClipKey Key Tool

    The DoohicKey ClipKey Tool is simple, a key-shaped tool that attaches to your key ring, so it's always at hand when you need it. The product's clever design incorporates each of the following functions: a carabiner clip, a #2 Philips-head screwdriver, a...

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  • Doohickey Key Tool

    The size and shape of a house key, the clever, lightweight DoohicKey QuicKey and SkullKey Tools have all the functionality of a basic multi-tool, and none of the bulk. In short, they do everything but open a door.

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  • Financial Tool Rfid Blocking Wallet

    With criminals increasingly using advanced technology to remotely read credit card information, people increasingly require security measures not provided by ordinary wallets. This Nite Ize Financial Tool uses stainless steel plates to protect your...

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  • Folding Shovel

    The Humvee HMV-SHOVEL-01 Portable Shovel is a perfect item for any backpacking journey. With a folding size of only 15.5 CM, this shovel can fit comfortably in just about any backpack. This Portable Shovel also features a pickaxe, which is perfect for...

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  • Folding Shovel - CC-HMV-SHOVEL-02

    The Humvee HMV-SHOVEL-02 Folding Shovel features a 22 x 15.5 CM durable blade that is ready to dig, cut, and chop for your survival. This folding shovel can go from 58.5 CM unfolded to just 24 CM folded making it great for any backpacking journeys. This...

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