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Plate Carriers/Vests

  • AR Concealment Plate Carrier

    AR Concealment Carrier by AR500 Armor® Concealment Body Armor like nothing else. The revision of our concealment carrier is based around a single goal, maximum concealment. Down to material selection and form of each component the AR Concealment...

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  • AR Invictus Plate Carrier

    AR Invictus™ Plate Carrier The Invictus carrier is designed to be the lowest profile and lightest carrier possible. The ultralight construction results in a jumpable plate carrier that weighs in at 1.2lbs and provides extreme mobility without...

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  • AR500 Armor® Valkyrie™ Plate Carrier

    AR500 Armor® Valkyrie™ Plate Carrier The AR500 Armor® Valkyrie™ Plate Carrier fly’s with upper tier plate carriers at a modest price. Designed not only with function, but durability in mind while being proudly designed,...

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  • DFNDR Armor Covert Carrier

    DFNDR Armor Covert Carrier

    The DFNDR Armor® Covert Plate Carrier has been designed for maximum concealment, quick donning and light enough to wear all day.  A perfect fit for all DFNDR Armor plates. Made in America and manufactured with the highest grade materials;...

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