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Shooting & Range Equipment

  • Cof Light Range Bag

    Cof Light Range Bag

    A trip to the range is more than just an opportunity to make noise and punch holes in paper. Done right, it requires concentration and determination to improve your skills, learn from your misses and make steady strides toward becoming as proficient as...

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  • Sawfly Eyewear Basic Kit

    Sawfly Eyewear Basic Kit

    Designed for fit, function and comfort, this unmatched level of protection is specifically designed for the military. The curved lens provides an unrestricted field-of-view and maximum ventilation, while the adjustable arms and head strap ensure a...

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  • Desert Locust Goggle Basic Kit

    Desert Locust Goggle Basic Kit

    The Desert Locust combines the best ballistic protection with optimal facial and helmet fit, balancing the soldier’s need for comfort with well-sealed eye protection. The high performance OcuMax Plus coating prevents fogging and scratching to ensure...

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  • Black Coyote

    Single Weapons Case - 15-0170001000

    Protect your rifle while being transported or while in storage with the Voodoo Tactical 37 Single Weapons Case. Voodoo Tactical understand that that not everyone needs a weapon case designed to carry two long guns, that is why they offer a new series of...

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  • Profile Pivot

    Profile Pivot

    ESS Profile Pivot kits provide a simple and adjustable solution for attaching ESS Profile Series military goggles to any Ops Core or other ballistic helmets equipped with the Ops Core ARC Rail System. When seconds count, users will benefit from the...

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  • Earlocks - ELA2-BK-MPR

    EarLocks fit securely to APPLE EARPODS and most circular earbuds. Their patented retention rings comfortably lock into key points of your ear to hold earbuds securely yet comfortably in place. EarLocks are ideal for an active lifestyle like jogging or...

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  • Comply Canal Tips

    SureFire Hearing Protection Comply Canal Tips are the official replacements for the disposable memory-foam tips used by EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra and EP10 Sonic Defenders Ultra Max earplugs. When installed correctly and worn as directed, these body...

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  • Clear Black

    EP3 Sonic Defenders

    Permanent hearing loss is no joke. SureFire EP3 Sonic Defenders will protect your hearing against Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) without compromising your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations in noisy environments. Their double-flanged-stem...

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